Beauty Favourites #1

"I don't really shop for cosmetics nor wander into stores to peruse the new products that are on display for hours on end. I don't actually spend a lot of time on my make up because I just don't have the patience (my routine takes me an exact 7 minutes). Even for official events, TV appearances like the "Women of the Year" appearance that I used to make – I always used my favorite makeup artist, Kerassia Kouis, as she knows I can't sit still for too long and does my makeup in a flash.
Usually I have access to the best advice from the beauty editors of my magazines such as Vogue Hellas in the day; I remember the girls would send me such amazing pics. Then I have my daughter, who specializes in cosmetics, after her studies in the subject – amongst other fields, and working in cosmetics recently at Vogue UK, so she gives me advice even though I'm extremely frugal when it comes to buying cosmetics.
The only times when I do experiment and indulge and shop for them in a leisurely manner is only if I'm abroad and in a good mood.
Recently, on a trip to Spain, I forgot my beauty bag at home. As I had to attend a formal dinner, I went to a great beauty gallery in Madrid where I purchased a beautiful gel serum with flecks of gold by Guerlain (you apply it before foundation for a glow and instant lift and a rather thick foundation (from the same company, which I personally have a lot of respect for) with a precise indicator for the color of my skin and dispenser.
On another trip, whilst on Bond Street, London, I found myself (again) in a relaxed mood and walked into a new cosmetics boutique with my daughter - with her encouragement of course. I bought a good facial tightening product which – again contained flecks of gold. I was also given a number of other products from the same line leaves due to the fact that I work with magazines and I have to admit that I was hesitant as to whether they would be any good. But when I tried them I was dumbfounded. They were excellent and I will definitely buy them on my next trip. I've photographed the products so that you can see them for yourselves. These cosmetics are aimed at women who are 40 plus, who use anti-wrinkle creams and serums anti-wrinkle for preventive purposes and don't want to use something too heavy.

The products that I photographed are: Gold Elements truffles infusion thermal mask, to be used once a week, Truffle infusion brightening face lift serum, which makes the skin luminous and baby soft, and the Trevor rare age defying eye Zone concentrate.
There's also a miraculous syringe dispenser based brightening filler. Use a few drops once a week over already existing wrinkles and in a short time you will see them "softened". It may sound unbelievable, but it actually happens! The company is called TRESOR RARE de Premier and its headquarters are in L.A." E.M.